About Us

My family has always loved the beach. After many years of buying beach bags, we just couldn't find one that met our needs: large enough to carry everything for a day at the beach or pool; sturdy and durable enough to not tip over and spill everything; and easily cleanable with a quick rinse off. We searched and searched but couldn't find one bag to handle those three things.  

One day, on a trip to the Jersey Shore, we realized we had forgotten the kids' flip flops so we stopped at a local surf shop. My son came across a pair of those funny looking shoes that everyone was talking about and asked for those, so we bought 3 pairs. I became fascinated with the lightweight material and feel of their new shoes. My husband and I played with the shoes all day talking about how cool they were. It was then we had our AHA! Moment! THIS is what a beach bag should be made of!